Mental Health

In stressful situations we usually struggle physically and mentally. While COVID-19 was emerging and spreading, we were worrying about our physical health and were trying to protect ourselves by frequently washing our hands, wearing a face mask, limiting our outdoor activities etc. However, only a few times we reflected on the stress, the fear and the physical stress related to these unprecedented conditions. Here you can find some useful tips, so that you can take care of your mental health, as well as the mental health of your loved ones. With our tips you can feel stronger and cope with the difficulties you are facing. Sometimes, just receiving tips and advices is not enough. There are various organizations with specialized staff, such as psychologists, psychiatrists etc. who cooperate with adults, children and families, to provide them with a much needed support! Do reach out to them!

Support Organizations

Useful Advice and Material

Doing What Matters in Times of Stress

WHO guidlines in stress management

Audio files and illustrated guides for exercises, building awareness and tips!

No one has the right to hurt you

The film is created in the framework of IOM's PROTECT project (Preventing sexual and gender-based violence against migrants and strengthening support to victims) which aims to support the coordination and/or adaptation of support services for sexual and gender-based violence victims and potential victims among #refugees, #migrants and asylum seekers (children and adults, including LGBTQI people)

Stay connented!