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Here, you can find information and announcements about the management of your legal cases (asylum requests, renewing of cards of international protection, family reunification)

Because of the measurements for the expansion of Covid-19, the regional offices of the asylum services remained closed from the 13th of March till the 31th of May. Moreover, during this period of time employees from these services were discharged, so the number of employees who can serve the public is less than before. The way that services operate this period of time is not stable, so a solution must be found to all the cases that had been postponed, but also to all the cases running this period of time. However, it has been announced that none of the asylum requests or the cards of international protection will be cancelled. The family reunification cases, scheduled before quarantine, have already started getting settled. Cards of international protection will remain valid until 1/10/2020 and new dates for the interviews are expected. That’s why you must stay in touch with your lawyer and get constantly informed.

Provision of Services (11/06/2020)

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Asylum Information

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Mobile Info Team- Information about asylum procedures

The Mobile Info Team aspires to support individuals caught in an inefficient and complex European asylum system. We aim to improve the situation of refugees by providing them with vital information, clarification and assistance for the full duration of their asylum procedure. We fight for their rights and dignity in refuge, and try to find solutions to the issues they face along the way.