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Welcome to Covid-19 Refugees Info!

In this website you are not alone! The spread of Covid-19 and the following restricting measures have changed our everyday life. Here, you can find information for your basic needs, such as nutrition and accommodation and organizations that provide this kind of services. If you want to get informed about government’s announcements regarding Covid-19, provision of services for asylum seekers, new laws regarding accommodation etc you are at the right place. Apart from that, you will also be able to find tips on how to protect yourself and others, educational material, fun activities and useful suggestions for you and your family!

We welcome you once more to Covid-19 Refugees Info. Here we try to support your right to be a citizen, an employee, a parent, a human! We hope to see you again soon!

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We created this website trying to support in the best way possible the people we work with and their families. Having worked many years in services supporting refugees, we have come across different types of discrimination against them…

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Living in Times of Covid-19: Refugees SHARE their EXPERIENCE

Living in times of Covid-19: Refugees SHARE their experience is a series of multilanguage short videos, photos and text interviews of refugees who want to build a sharing community. Together we try to create a new narrative about what ''being a refugee today'' means.

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